Thank you for being part of this years Porny Days, thank you for making the magic happen.

❤Preisverleihung PORNY SHORTS AWARD 2017❤

...and the winners are:


CRYSTAL CLEAR by Max Disgrace & 36-YEARS-OLD VIRGIN by Skyler Braeden Fox

They share the prize money of CHF 500.


A Special Mention goes to FLOWER by Matt Lambert.


Jury 2017: Ledwina Siegrist, Nico Bertrand & Paola Calvo (thank you guys!)

Jurys statements

36-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN - Winner Porny Shorts Award

"The 36-Year-Old Virgin is a sex documentary about a trans*person who decides to explore his long standing fantasy of a penetrative sex with a cis man. He reaches out to his queer community for support and advice to make his fantasy come true.

We want to give this film the award because it shows a lot of empathy, support and respect, as well as consensual sex in a very intimate way. It breaks with gender roles and desires. The film shows the struggle with not normative fantasies in a way we haven't seen before."


CRYSTAL CLEAR - Winner Porny Shorts Award

"The visual essay film Crystal Clear is an inner dialogue about a woman's sexual desire for another. The voice over, the music, and the aesthetics bring us to a communal ejaculation. The jury fluids converge to give this award to the wettest film in the competition. The cunt, the ass and the tits pressed against the glass make us want to drown in the A-Grade Gooverment Aproved Pussy Juice."


FLOWER - Special Mention

"Flower is a film about freedom. In a sommer house, a group of boys explore their collective lust in a free, tender and passionate way. We want to give a special mention to this film because it has all the elements of a good post-porn-film: the "flower" bodies transform into multiple sexual intruments. We see explicit sex, real connections, cinematic aesthetics, humour and a good story background. Flower is beauty, innonce, and sex positivity. Everybody should be surrounded by flowers!"

Heute Sonntag, 26.11. um 20:30 Uhr im Riffraff Bistro


Jury 2017:

  • Paola Calvo, Regisseurin, Deutschland
  • Nico Bertrand, Regisseur, Spanien
  • Ledwina Siegrist, Programmatorin Luststreifen, Schweiz

Zürich, 23.11.2017

Morgen beginnen endlich die nackten Tatsachen: Porny Days 2017 here we go!


Um 18:30 Uhr stossen wir mit euch im Walcheturm an, danach gibt es ab 20 Uhr ein Kunst- und Filmprogramm im Riffraff und Walcheturm. Ab 22.15 Uhr starten unsere DJs dann die Warm Up Party - als Vorspiel für Samstag ;-)


Der Porny Brunch am Sonntag ist ausverkauft - ansonsten gibt es noch für alles Tickets.


Mit grosser Vorfreude,

Euer Porny Days Team.



Unser Programm ist online & Vorverkauf ist eröffnet

Freitag, 10. November 2017

Wir freuen uns Euch unser diesjähriges Programm zu präsentieren. Im Festivalzentrum Walcheturm zeigen wir diverse Performances, Ausstellungen, Workshops und Panels. Und am Samstag findet im Walcheturm dann die "Sweat & Glitter Porny Night" statt. Ausserdem zeigen wir im Riffraff rund 46 kurze und lange Filme aus 20 Ländern. Das und vieles mehr könnt ihr jetzt auf unserer Webseite entdecken und gleich auch Tickets bestellen.


5 years porny days – come and celebrate with us, yeah!!!