Saturday, 15th August 2015


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Peanut Factory

Unit G1

56 Dace Road

E3 2NQ London


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by Veronica L. Montaño, Manuela Leuenberger, Lukas Suter
CH 2014, Animation, 6 min

without dialogue
In presence of Manuela Leuenberger


Ivan is obsessed with the incredible softness of the dough. When kneading, he gets lost in intensive daydreams not accepting that sooner or later the master baker will turn every wonderfully elastic dough into horribly crispy bread. Until he sees Alva's looooong breasts.


Collection of short videos by Mitra Saboury
USA / UK, 2013 - 2015

without dialogue
Skype interview with Mitra Saboury


Mitra Saboury’s work investigates the consumption of her body by the environment. Through various media, Saboury fuses body with elements that reveal the structure of influence on behavior. She confronts physical restrictions and confinements by intimately using her body in unexpected ways, suggesting a fetishisation of the moribund, imperfect and commonplace.


by Joanna Rytel
SWE 2013, Documentary, 10 min
Swedish / English subtitles


A mum tells her little daughter a fairytale. "Once upon a time there was an unfaithful mummy and she was me...." But how can a three year old understand what cheating means? This movie is about breaking expectations of how a mother should behave. Joanna Rytel is provoked by a certain role she is given as a mother. Rytel wants to give motherhood a greater scope and present an image of an imperfect mum.



by Antonio Da Silva

UK 2013, Documentary, 16 min


There is always the first time you are called a Daddy. It’s more than just a question of age. Leather Daddies, Daddy Bears and Daddies that don’t fit into the usual categories. Ten gay men over forties were filmed on Super 8 getting undressed… They talk about their Daddy identity, gay relationships, polyamory, their cock and appetite for sex.



by Antonio Da Silva

UK 2014, Experimental, 10 min

without dialogue


Thirty-five Portuguese dancers undress in front of the camera. They become the object of desire with a sensual provocative performance. Eclectic dance disciplines help this film to explore an exhibitionist view of the male nude. After all, the penis also can dance!

In presence of Antonio Da Silva


Produced by Pink and White Productions, directed by Shine Louise Houston
USA 2014, Experimental, 30 min



Queer porn meets sex ed in CrashPad’s Guide to Fisting, the first “experts guide” to feature the sensual and consensual act of fisting. Starring Lorelei Lee and Beretta James, the short educational sex film offers a beginners’ introduction from the perspective of a lesbian couple watching episodes. They browse videos that feature vaginal and anal fisting as demonstrated by performers including Maybelline and Mariah Cherry Christmas Special, Jacqueline Woods and Stefani Special, and Red and Javier. Even the CrashPad’s voyeur — played by director Shine Louise Houston — gets in on the action. (Fun fact: Shine’s background includes being a trained sex educator!)

“It will be fun,” says Lorelei to Beretta, whose curiosity is piqued. “We’ll talk our way through everything and communicate the whole time.”

Lorelei and Beretta watch various episodes, then talk their way through a hot one-on-one educational sex scene, demonstrating how to fist through first-hand experience.

ARCHAEOLOGY OF LUST - Sex Flicks from the Silent Era

by anonymous

USA/France, 1920ies, Fiction, 60 min

Presented by IOIC, music by Dadaglobal.


  A Short Archaeology of Lust in Silent Film

As soon as the voyeuristic camera is given free reign, the cinematic eye will roam to the world’s most natural thing and take in the use and excesses of lust. Clothes are shed before the camera as early as 1900 in France. A few years later, the earliest pornographic films are made, mainly for use in brothels, not only portraying the act itself but embedding it in a storyline. Some ever-recurring backdrops and characters are established early on: the world of monasteries and cloisters with their holy priests, nuns and dogs; the infidel Christian in the oriental harem; the musketeer seeking food, drink and love at the inn; the strict school mistress and her naughty pupils…. The marriage of narrative and amatory art on screen brings forth some strange blossoms very early on. From ethnology to history to educational films, from homo- and hetero- to zoophilia, every type of genre and preference is addressed. It almost seems as though the modern porn industry only acts as a footnote to its silent precursors.

On the occasion of the Porny Peanut at The Peanut Factory, the Institute of Incoherent Cinematography has compiled a selection of mainly American and French sex flicks from the silent film era. All of them feature ‘adult content' and will be shown alongside new, specially created and equally x-rated live musical performances by Dadaglobal.


Dadaglobal studied piano and Cello at Zurich/Winterthur Conservatory, followed by intensive involvements with electronic music and (slide) projections. Artistic director for various Zurich music clubs (e.g. Persil and Labitzke). Since 2001 regular appearances at home and abroad as DJ (Dada), performance artist and musician (Dachkantine, Tonhalle Zurich, Centre Corbusier Paris). 2006 second place at the DemoTapeClinic of the M4Music Festival. First album in 2010 under the pseudonym “Katharina Kabel” on the lalamusik label. Tour of China in 2011 supported by Pro Helvetia (as a member of the Bit Band Compact Flash). Further work for TV and radio and as organiser of conceptual concerts and happenings in the area of electronic music.


by Anna the Hulagan, London's Cult Hula Hooping Artiste (The Times).


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