Sex School Berlin Videoinstallation



Stay in the lube! Designer Julian Zigerli, Soeder* und die Porny Days hatten einen threesome — herausgekommen ist dabei eine Special Edition des Naturgleitmittels made in Zurich. Funktioniert bei Blümchensex genau so wie wenn es härter zur Sache geht. Dank ätherischer Öle riecht es zudem nicht nur anregend, es schmeckt auch gut. It’s time to grab it and spread the love! 

Ein threesome kommt auch in den expliziten Aufklärungsvideos der Sex School Berlin vor. Fünf Episoden zu verschiedenen Themen sind im November im Soeder Shop zu sehen. Während den Porny Days findet zudem ein Panel zum Thema Sexualkunde und Pornografie statt. More details: 



Sex School is series of Explicit Sex Education films that enact real life sexual situations, guiding the viewer through the full picture surrounding a particular topic, including not only of the sexy 'how to's', but also other aspects that are sometimes more tricky to navigate 'in the heat of the moment' such as questions of communication, consent, safer sex, etc. Run by a horizontal, multidisciplinary team of a certified Sex Educator, a Film Director, Cultural Manager & Producer and award-winning Sex Workers and Performers with extensive experience in their fields and with the mission of raising the profile of Sex Workers as qualified sex educators. Sex School’s films have a high production and distinct aesthetics, they're directed by Poppy Sanchez. 




37'52 min

Our Pilot Episode! The Team discusses the thrills, challenges and main advices for pleasurable threesomes, followed by a sex scene where the performers explore safer sex tips, deal with jealousy problems and achieve intense, real orgasms. After shooting this first episode we changed and improved some bits of our format, so keep an eye on the following films! 

Performers: Lina Bembe, Parker Marx, Sadie Lune, Bishop Black 



6'02 min

What’s the difference between gender identity and gender expression? How does sexual orientation work? Bishop and Lina answer the most common questions surrounding sexual identities and offer advice for social situations.

Performers: Bishop Black, Lina Bembe 



29'04 min

Members of the Team, plus guest Feral have an animated conversation about hooking-up: the positives, the turn-offs, safety concerns, the tricky bits, etc. Feral and Bishop hook up for the first time and offer different Do’s and Don’ts social situations scenarios.
Performers: Bishop Black, Lina Bembe, Parker Marx, Feral 



6'56 min

Sexual heath is a broad topic that expands beyond the use of condoms. Parker Marx addresses the different dimensions of health and emphasizes the more important aspects that should be taken into account.

Performer:Parker Marx 



5'09 min

Sadie Lune explores what consent is, why is it so important for healthy sex and relationships as well as the different forms in which consent can be granted or withdrawn.
Performer:Sadie Lune 




In most Western countries, the only official spaces for sex education are classes in elementary school. However, when reaching adulthood, the options for inquiring into one's sexual identities are scarce. There's a growing expectation from the public that porn plays the role of sex education. This raises several questions: Should porn be regarded as the main medium to learn about sex or should it remain fictional? Are performers and directors of feminist porn the best-suited for leading the narrative on an inclusive, consensual, and caring discovery of own's sexual identity? What other means are available and which are missing?


These questions will drive the discussion between Lina Bembe (sex worker, porn performer, member of the Sex School), Bishop Black (sex worker, porn performer, member of the Sex School) and Viviane Morey (co-founder of La Fête du Slip, lecturer on sex-related issues, former radio chronicler at Couleur3 for sex-related questions). The panel discussion will be moderated by Hazbi Avdiji (queer activist and curator for Porny Days and La Fête Du Slip)


Samstag, 24.11.18 von 19h00 bis 20h00  

Soeder-Shop, Ankerstrasse 124, 8004 Zürich


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