Sidewalk Sex Clinic at documenta 14

Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle’s
Sidewalk Sex Clinic—Free Sex Advice from Sex Experts

June 22, 2017
Fredrichsplatz. Kassel, Germany
A Public Event Curated by Paul B. Preciado
Dr. Beth Stephens, Ph.D.

Dr. Papito

Dr. Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.

Talaya Schmid/Porny Days

Kristina Marlen

Tschuli Chaikowski

Tantric Tessa, M.A.

Dierdre Devine, M.F.A.

Pixie Pee Magic

Jake Winchester

Schöne neue Pornowelt im Theater Neumarkt

Podium zur aktuellen Pornoforschung mit «Avenue – Das Magazin für Wissenskultur» Anlässlich der Lancierung von Heft #3 Pornstudies In Kooperation mit Porny Days



Samstag, 20. Mai um 20 Uhr

Eintritt: CHF 15.–

+41 (0)44 267 64 64

Theater Neumarkt

Neumarkt 5, CH-8001 Zürich


Die Wiederentdeckung des antiken Pompejis brachte lauter Darstellungen kopulierender Paare zu Tage. Flugs entzog man die anstössigen Objekte den Augen der Öffentlichkeit, mauerte sie ein und subsumierte sie unter den Begriff Pornografie, den man eigens dafür prägte. Die Begriffsgeschichte deutet es an: Die Wissenschaften taten sich mit Pornografie schwer. Bis in die 1970er Jahre. Nun ist Porno mainstream – mal hip und chic, mal weniger.

MILFs und Blowjobs sind nur ein paar Klicks entfernt. Doch Pornografie hat tausend unterschiedliche Gesichter. Sie kann politisch, demaskierend oder feministisch sein und als individuelles Ausdrucksmittel dienen. Also sprechen wir auf dem Podium über den Forschungsstand zu Pornografie – und damit über ihre Geschichte, Ästhetik und Wirkung. Und Porny Days führt gleich ein paar Facetten von Porno vor – auf Video und live.


Mit: Tanzcompany TeKiTeKua und Dragqueen Evalyn Eatdith

Ellinor Lori (Porny Days), Desirée Waibel (Soziologin, Uni Bremen), Michael Pfister (Germanist, Philosoph und De Sade-Spezialist), Oliwia Blender (Literatur- und Theaterwissenschaftlerin, Freiburg)



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Porny on Tour

Red Shift, by Four Chambers, UK 2016


In May Porny Days will tour through Israel/Palestine with two short film programs with following stops:


Sat., 6. May

20:30 at Kabareet



Mond., 8. May

21:00 at the Cinematheque, hosted by TLVFest - The Tel Aviv international LGBT Film Festival

Tel Aviv


Wed., 10. May

20:00 at Anna Loulou



We will show a selection of our favourite films from the last two years, covering the whole range from animation over fiction to documentation, including queer, gay, fun, fetish and experimental films from Austria, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland,  UK and the USA, yeah!


PROGRAM at Kabareet in Haifa and Anna Loulou in Jaffa

>> Scroll down for the program at the Cinematheque Tel Aviv



Ninja Thyberg

SWE 2016, fict., 30 min

English subtitles



Girls & Boys is a colour-bursting high school-comedy, in a world where gender-roles are reversed. Nour and Gry are two super horny geeks, who's highest wish is to lose their virginity. When Nour hears that Valentin, school's hottest boy, is going to Lo's party to find a rebound, she sees the opportunity of a lifetime. But how will the geeks get invited to the party? Girls & Boys is about the first encounter with the other sex, but it's also a film about betrayal, friendship and the desire to fit in. Watch the trailer here.


Veronica L. Montaño, Manuela Leuenberger, Lukas Suter

CH 2015, animat., 6 min

No dialog


Ivan is obsessed with the incredible softness of dough. When kneading, he gets lost in intensive daydreams not accepting that sooner or later the master baker will turn every wonderfully elastic dough into horribly crispy bread.Until he sees Alva's looooong breasts. Watch trailer here.



Antonio Da Silva

UK 2014, Experimental, 10 min

No dialog


Thirty-five Portuguese dancers undress in front of the camera. They become the object of desire with a sensual provocative performance. Eclectic dance disciplines help this film to explore an exhibitionist view of the male nude. Watch trailer here.



Blandine Lenoir

FR 2014, Fiction, 18 min

Englisch subtitles


Three middle-aged sisters, Agathe, Lucie and Marie, are at their mother’s Solange’s in the countryside. Agathe’s daughter, Zouzou, is already there since a week. When the four women discover that the 14-year-old girl is making love upstairs, it is the panic… No trailer available.



Four Chambers

UK 2016, Fiction, 10 min

No dialog


Driving at night in a city you don't know always felt otherworldly. You're watching everything pass you by but you're separated, removed from the outside world by a pane of glass, sealed in your own private reality. Time moves differently inside. You're able to observe and be observed by other drivers that pass but you're each just watching from inside your own tiny parallel universes. Watch trailer here.


PROGRAM at the Cinematheque Tel Aviv

In collaboration with TLVFest, the only LGBT film festival in the Middle East. TLVFest is a fixture of the Israeli pride week. Selected twice (2014 & 2015) by INDIEWIRE as one of the 10 LGBT film festivals not to be missed, the festival offers a fascinating look into international and Israeli queer cinematic art. It is also an industry hub of activity.

THE 100 BLOWS, Gabrielle Lenhard

USA 2016, Experimental, 2min

no dialog




How to give the best blow job and please your significant (or insignificant) other. A meditation on the societal and emotional expectations of females performing fellatio. No trailer available.


Truls Krane Meby

NOR 2015, Fiction, 15 min

Englisch subtitles



At the end of the 90s the internet comes to the north of Norway and coincides with the blossoming sexuality of young Mads (12). The introduction of porn into his life complicates his relationship to his parents, and their house becomes a minefield of uncomfortable interactions. No trailer available.



JAP 2016, Animation, 3 min

Englisch subtitles


Painful events become memories over time. Still. we vomit and eat again. Life is Eco. No trailer available.



Konstantin Bock

GER / USA 2015, Documentary, 18 min



Hank Major - we can call him Hattie Louise - a 70-year-old, gay, African-American gentleman from Philadelphia takes us back in time, through a turbulent life full of cruising. Watch trailer here.



Joanna Rytel

SWE 2016, Animation, 13 min

English subtitles


A film about defying and stretching the generally accepted standards of good motherhood. Watch trailer here.




Danny Tayara

USA, 2016, 4 min



A mail carrier is in for a salty surprise! The pups at this house are a little friendlier than he was expecting... No trailer available.



Fulvio Balmer

CH 2016, Fiction, 15 min

English subtitles


Larry goes back home with Cléo, a girl he met in a bar. He eventually discovers that what she has between her legs is not exactly what he was expecting. This discovery will lead Larry into a quick travel into the depths of his sexual identity(ies). Watch trailer here.



Four Chambers

UK 2016, Fiction, 10 min

No dialog


Driving at night in a city you don't know always felt otherworldly. You're watching everything pass you by but you're separated, removed from the outside world by a pane of glass, sealed in your own private reality. Time moves differently inside. You're able to observe and be observed by other drivers that pass but you're each just watching from inside your own tiny parallel universes. Watch trailer here.


METUBE2: August sings Carmina Burana,

Daniel Moshel

AUT 2014, Fiction, 6 min

no dialog


After Elfie and her nerdy son August successfully proved themselves on their home webcam in MeTube 1, the odd pair venture onto the street to present the biggest, boldest, and sexiest operatic flash mob the internet has ever witnessed! No trailer available.

PORNY KABAREET - Monday, 23rd January 2017

One-night-stand in Haifa, Israel

For the first time Porny Days will be held in Haifa on Monday, 23rd of January, at Kabareet, a bar and cultural venue off a four-lane industrial road, through an alley and down some stairs. Kabareet it the first cultural independent venue that has been established by a Palestinian youth collective. Kabareet hosts international and local artists and is a meeting point where they can express themselves freely. It is part of the new underground art and music movement in Palestine/Israel. Here’s the link to their Facebook event. Porny Kabareet is the first step of a cultural exchange starting between the two cities and communities.

The 75-minutes program consists of eight films, which were part of the Porny Days short film competition 2016. Amongst others, we will present the Porny Award winner: World Wide Woven Bodies by Truls Krane Meby (Norway), and the winner of the Special Mention Award: The 100 Blows by Gabrielle Lenhard (USA).

Kabareet in the NY Times

bye-bye Porny days 2016...

Thank you all for coming to the PORNY DAYS 2016! Thank you for helping, celebrating, contributing and making this the most amazing, lovely, magic and hot hot hot Porny Days ever!  We love you!!!



Die Jury hat entschieden!


Truls Krane Meby

NOR 2015, Fiction, 15 min


Jury Satement:

We chose the winning film for its lighthearted humor, subtle and authentic depiction of the fragile phase between childhood and adulthood, and the loss of innocence. The film masterfully encapsulates a very specific moment in the history of technology and its impact on human life.

Special Mention:


The 100 Blows by Gabrielle Lenhard

USA 2016, Experimental, 2min


Jury Statement:

We would like to give a special mention to The 100 Blows, by Gabrielle Lenhard, for its playful and fresh approach to the joy of giving blowjobs from a female perspective, breaking the stereotype of being a one sided pleasure. We would like to encourage sex positive people to go out and make films!

Jury: Jana Jakoubek (Fumetto), Stéphane Morey (La fête du Slip), Claus Matthes (Pornfilmfestival Berlin)

Trailer 2016

FILME 2016

4 out of over 50 films in this years line up. Click to watch!


Zum Facebook Event




Best of Porny Days Shorts


Am Freitag, 20. Mai 2016 präsentieren die Porny Days einen lustvollen Kurzfilmabend in der Photobastei. Wir haben tief in unserem Archiv gestöbert und für euch die Highlights der vergangenen Porny Days zusammengestellt. SOME LIKE IT HOT – SOME LIKE IT HARD ist ein sinnlicher Filmabend, voller ekstatischer Einblicke und Ahhh- & Ohhh- Momente, die keine Wünsche mehr offen lässt.


19:00 Türöffnung 

20:00 Filmprogramm inkl. Q&A mit Jela Hasler und Jan Soldat 

23:00 DJ's

Eintritt: 15 CHF, nur Abendkasse





Some like it HOT:

KEIN PORNO (Jela Hasler, CH 2013, Documentary, 12 min, Ov/Englisch)

gleich danach Q&A mit Jela Hasler

FILMS by MITRA SABOURY (Mitra Saboury, UK 2015, Fiction, 5min, no Dialog)

PHONE SEX GRANDMA (Jack Truman, USA 2006, Mocumentary, 9 min, Englisch)

VOYAGE CHROMATIQUE (Ugo Bienvenu and Kevin Manach, 2010, Animation, 4 min, no Dialog)

DANCERS (Antonio Da Silva, UK 2014, Experimental Documentary, 10 min, no Dialog)




Some like it HARD:

EINE WOCHNENEDE IN DEUTSCHLAND (Jan Soldat,  DE 2013, Documentary, 25 min, German)

gleich danach Q&A mit Jan Soldat

KETSUJIRU JUKE (Sawako Kabuki, JAP 2013, Animation, 3 min)

BED PARTY (Shine Louise Houston, USA 2014, Fiction, 22 min , Englisch)

LAST CALL (Katy Bit, DE 2015, Fiction, 10 min , Englisch)

more from Katy Bit: Blog | Facebook


Der Abend findet in Kooperation mit Zwischenwelten im Rahmen der Erotic Art Ausstellung in der Photobastei statt.


Die Porny Days finden vom  27. - 29. November 2015 im Kino Riffraff und im LangstrassenKultur in Zürich statt. Das Filmprogramm umfasst dieses Jahr insgesamt 68 Filme aus über 20 Ländern. Der Vorverkauf läuft über und an den Kinokassen des Kino Riffraff und Houdini.



FILME 2015

Die Porny Days unterstützen!

Die Porny Days sind auf Eure finanzielle Unterstützung angewiesen. Was Ihr als GönnerIn von uns bekommt, erfahrt Ihr im Brief.

GönnerInnen Brief
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Direkt spenden

Verein Porny Days

8000 Zürich

IBAN: CH21 0900 0000 6012 8171 9

Konto-Nr.: 60-128171-9


Wir sind auch tausendfach dankbar und angewiesen auf HelferInnen beim Auf- und Abbau des Festivals, an der Bar etc. Am besten ist es, wenn ihr an mehreren Tagen helfen könnt, damit wir ein eingespieltes Team beisammen haben. Als Belohnung gibt es allerlei Gutscheine, Spass und ganz viel Liebe! 

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