For the first time we won't be screening films at the Porny Brunch, instead five naked guys will be reading a selection of texts to our guests.


Naked Boys Reading, produced by the Haus of Husbands, began in 2012 at Vogue Fabrics Dalston.  It has since grown to an international touring event and we are proud to host the first Swiss edition of the Naked Boys Reading at the Porny Brunch 2016!



Naked Boys Reading: The Sensual World

It started with a kiss. And ends with a climax or two - hopefully. Naked Boys Reading comes to Porny Days to touch you up in all the right the places – the boudoir, the darkroom, the dungeon and between the sheets. You may not use a safe word. 


From the gentle to the rough our readers will tease you with erotic bedtime stories, x-rated fantasies and hardcore theory until all you will want to scream is: HARDER! FASTER! DEEPER! MORE!


Presiding over this tantalisingly brunchy smorgasbord will be yours truly, Madam Dr Sharon Husband accompanied by The Duchess of Pork's ticklishly sensuous aural pleasures – so bring a hanky to wipe up any unavoidable spillage. You have been warned.



Sunday, 27th November 2016

Doors open 12noon

Entry CHF 18

Tickets available at Riffraff

Riffraff Bistro

Neugasse 63

8005 Zürich

This event will be held partly in English and partly in German!